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Interesting Facts About The Hungry Shark World


You got to be in the total control of one of the species of shark. There are plenty of variations to come by. Reef sharks, megalodon, hammerhead, mako sharks and the great white wonders are some of the unique specialties to consider. In this particular game, you have the opportunity and option for exploring the fantastic aquatic brilliance and make your way through the awe-inspiring underwater habitat.

The logistic is simple. You take charge of a shark and make you way through the immense diversity of the ocean. But the question that arises next is how do you score points?

You consume whatever comes your way, and keep growing in size. The more you consume, the better it is for you The ocean that you swim through is replete and ridden with fish, delectable aquatic creatures, and marine animals Initially, down the line, you make use of a shark that is smaller in size, later on as you progress through the game; you make use of sharks that are bigger in size. Find them using hungry shark evolution cheats and match the best one for free.

You have just embarked on the mission, and so you should know how to strategize your action, as you go on your way, devouring and consuming a diverse array of underwater creatures Since you have started the game, make sure that you start off with the White tip shark. Besides, you can also use the Black tip shark during the initial phase of your encounter Consume creatures which are small in size, compared to the size and proportion of your shark. Since this is just the beginning of the encounter, taking risks will not be advisable So, you should be particular about staying away from the poisonous creatures. Gradually, you should unlock sharks which are bigger in size, and then, you should try gulping in bigger enemies including jellyfishes and naval mines.

So, by now you know the rationale behind earning points. The more opposition you overcome, the greater points you earn. In the course of swimming and wading, you may come across a lionfish. The latter happens to be one of the stiffest oppositions The question that comes up is, how you will overcome the barrier and make it to the next level It is here that you need to use your wits and intelligence and unlock the big-sized white shark In this context, it is important remembering that only the giant sized white shark has the power of overcoming the opposition posed by the lionfish.

In the course of your entire exploration, you will have as many as fifteen varieties of sharks to use and explore. If you want to consume the giant size enemy crabs; then you have to bank on the power of the Megalodon. In the course of attacking the crabs; do make it a point to take note of its size. That’s because it is relatively bigger in size than the others. Its attacking range will be longer. As a result, you will have to boost the power of the Megalodon so that it is successful in taking the combat.

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